Snacks to order for your next K-Drama Session

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Have you ever get so hooked on a Korean drama that every night you swear to yourself “one last episode then I’ll sleep.” Admit it or not, we are all addicted to these stories that make our hearts flutter every time. So what a better way to enjoy binge watching than having some delicious refreshments. Below is a list of some appetizing food and drinks that you can order from Coffee Project Marketplace for your next K-drama session.

1. Country Style Fried Chicken

All American Country Style Fried Chicken
If you have already watched Crash Landing On You on Netflix, you probably might have been envious of how the characters enjoyed crunching their fried chicken. Well, good news for you because All American serves their version of this dish, the Country Style Fried Chicken! There are 6 pcs. in each order that comes with their house special gravy for your dipping sauce! Each bite will make you feel as if you are dining with Captain Ri and Yoon Se-Ri!

2. Milk Tea

Strawberry Milk Tea and Wintermelon Milk Tea
Milk Tea is famous in Korea, and ever since this drink was introduced in the Philippines, Filipinos have loved it so well that it reminds them of their favorite Korean idol. So, if you are looking for the perfect bobba milk tea to enjoy while watching K- drama, Wake Up Café’s Milk Tea is a must try. They have different flavors that can complement the mood of any scene. Some of their best sellers are Wintermelon, Strawberry and Thai Milk Tea.

3. Tortilla Pizza

Coffee Project's God Father Tortilla Pizza, Cheese Tortilla Pizza and Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza
Have you tried Coffee Project’s Tortilla Pizza? Well, if you do, you will definitely agree that this dish should be on this list. May it be Pepperoni, Cheese or God Father Tortilla Pizza, you can never go wrong with its crunchy tortilla crust that is generously garnished with flavorful toppings. If you are watching a series with the family, you can absolutely enjoy it with them.

4. Donuts

All Day Assorted Donuts
Whenever we are watching dramas, we always look forward to happy endings and All Day can give you just that with their box of assorted donuts! Each box contains six delightful flavors: Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate Glazed White Chocolate Almond, Dark Chocolate Sprinkle and Double Chocolate Sprinkle. These treats will help you get in the zone of while watching your current favorite series.

Level up your next K-drama session with these lip-smacking food and drinks that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Have them delivered straight to your doorstep through Coffee Project Marketplace! Just click and eat through or send us a private message on Viber 09190838690.
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